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2001: A Space Odyssey A landmark film which first pushed the boundaries of the use of music within film making. Kubrick so powerfully used parts of Richard Strauss’s Also Sprach Zarathustra and the Johann Strauss composed The Blue Danube Waltz that the visions and the accompanying music are indelibly stamped on the viewer. Another Kubrick […]

Many of history’s most revered writers led what could be readily described as a decadent lifestyle, with drugs and debauchery-filled behaviour on par with that of our modern rock stars. It’s no surprise then that there has been much cross-pollination of attitudes and inspiration between the musical and literary realms. On the surface it would […]

The now cosy and airy East Village Hotel in Sydney’s Darlinghurst was once an infamous den of iniquity known as the Tradesman’s Arms. In post-WWI Sydney a series of well-intentioned, but ill-advised law changes created the rise of an all new form of criminal in the form of the sly-grogging brothel madam and a new […]

Ever since I was a young boy I‘ve played the silver ball From the white cock to the courty I must’ve played them all I paid up my five dollars Inside Petersham Town Hall Where lots of blokes and their kids Sure played some mean pinball The inaugural Australian pinball expo saw silver ball enthusiasts […]

The Grand Pacific Drive on the South Coast of New South Wales is one of the best scenic drives in Australia. It is also home to a couple of the state’s better pubs. The drive itself begins just past Waterfall and takes you winding through the spectacular Royal National Park. The scenery continues to dazzle […]

Tonight is a sad occasion, the 2007 Candle Concert is the last ever to be held in Sydney. The usually buoyant and joyous annual celebration of Candle Records artists is somewhat of a wake, mourning the closing of the label after 13 years. Candle Records itself has been the ultimate in boutique labels. More of […]

With their sugary sweet and incredibly infectious sound, the uber energetic Limited Express (Has Gone) left us sweaty and satisfied. Opening this three-peat of three-pieces tonight were Turnpike. The band has always endeavoured to make music that wasn’t comfortable, the drums were an incessant thudding and the bass throbbed in a way that made your […]

A grand stately venue was the scene for the launch of an epic album. The Sleepy Jackson launched Personality (One was a Spider, One was a Bird) at the Paddington Town Hall. Whilst I didn’t quite get there for Luke Blonde, I had the sneaking suspicion I’d be seeing him a bit later regardless. Old […]

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